The Order of the Secret Monitor, which developed from a still more ancient Degree, is the Brotherhood of David and Jonathan and is in its way older than Freemasonry itself.


Its principles and its watchwords being founded upon those grand examples set by two worthy Hebrew Princes around 1000 BC as recorded in the Jewish history of the Bible.

History tells us that the “Order of David & Jonathan” was taken to the New World in or about 1658 by Dutch settlers. The inauguration meeting of Grand Conclave, under the banner of Alfred Meadows Conclave No. 1 was held at the Hotel Victoria, London, SW on 15 July 1887.

This is a Society framed upon the principles of self sacrifice; of mutual trust, watchful Brotherly care; of warning in time of danger; solace in time of sorrow; and skillful and effective friendly advice in every circumstance of life: A Society that meets a great and crying need in human affairs and is calculated to benefit those who act up to its tenets.

There are three Degrees in the Order; Induction ceremony, Princes or admission Degree and the Third Degree which is when a Brother is Installed as a Supreme Ruler of his Conclave. At this point he is also commissioned as a Supreme Ruler within the Order. This entitles him to conduct ceremonies in any Conclave.




A newly Inducted brother wears a breast jewel supplied by the Conclave. On completion of the Second Degree an identical breast jewel is worn but suspended from a different coloured ribbon.


A crimson sash is worn by first degree officers under the rank of Provincial Grand Officer. In the second degree all officers wear the Princes sash.  A Supreme Ruler wears the jewel of the Order suspended from a collarette, and a sash with the letters SR on it. Once commissioned he also wears a robe of violet with yellow edging.


A Provincial Officer wears a sash of blue edged with gold upon which is embroidered the rank of office. A Grand Officer wears a crimson sash embroidered in gold. Provincial and Grand Officers also wear a collarette and jewel.